OUR FLAVORS - Homemade Gelato Delights

01 Madagascar Vanilla Mania 1
Madagascar Vanilla Mania

Made with real, fair-trade vanilla from Madagascar, straight from the growers. The decadence of this gelato is a tribute to the wonders of nature, leaving you savoring each moment, from the first taste to the final, blissful spoonful. Just a heads-up: It's so insanely delicious, don't be surprised if you find yourself tempted to swallow the spoon too.

05 Torron a la Pistachio The Swagger
Torrone al Pistacchio The Swagger

The Leonardo da Vinci of frozen delights! Creamy swirls of dolce vita happiness meet the crunchy crescendo of pistachio joy. It's not just gelato; it's a sweet symphony that'll make your taste buds sing 'That is Amore Mio!' Join the epicurean fun!

03 Black Sesame Symphony
Black Sesame Symphony

An unexpected flavor harmony, where nuttiness meets sophistication in each spoonful. It's like your taste buds stumbled upon a secret jazz club, and the headlining act is pure bliss. Once you've given your Black Sesame spoon the thorough licking it deserves, don't be shocked if your entire perspective on frozen delights that'll have you questioning why every spoonful can't be a sesame sensation!

06 Tropicana Passion Fruit Pizzazz
Tropicana Passion Fruit Pizzazz

Tangy and exotic, a vibrant passion fruit fiesta that wakes up your taste buds. The delicate and the richness of our Pizzazz gelato carry you away to a place bathed in sunlight, where warm sands meet the enchanting melodies of tropical birds.

16 Chili Chocolate Zing Zing
Chili Chocolate Zing Zing

Ready for a spicy escapade? Our chili chocolate gelato packs a fiery punch with that kick of chili pepper. Spice up your gelato game! Spicy Cocoa Capers: The Laugh-Infused Quest for Chili Chocolate Zing!

18 Oreo Gelato Cartwheels
Oreo Gelato Cartwheels

it's like a frozen time machine to your carefree childhood, where every bite is a crunchy dream come true. Say hello to dessert, bid farewell to adulting!

04 Biscoff Bonanza
Biscoff Bonanza

A cookie butter celebration, a real Biscoff-infused. Each lick is a dance of pure indulgence that'll have you questioning why you ever ate anything else. Get ready for a flavor party that makes ordinary desserts jealous!

02 Dark Chocolate Chocoholics
Dark Chocolate Chocoholics

The Hilarious Journey of Dream Awake Gelato! Take a plunge into the abyss of intense, rich dark chocolate gelato—a satisfying experience for the bravest of chocolate warriors. The Epic Quest for the Ultimate Chocolate Power!

17 Milk Chocolate Giggle Bliss

Milk Chocolate Giggle Bliss

An absolute essential for chocoholics! Brace yourself for the rich, creamy delight that sweetly conquers your every chocolate desire.

07 Stracciatella Serenade

Stracciatella Serenade

Smooth vanilla with decadent chocolate shreds, a dance of textures in every spoonful.

10 Nutella Nirvana

Nutella Nirvana

A hazelnut haven blended with velvety chocolate, the ultimate treat for Nutella enthusiasts.

08 Pistachio GreenyTale

Pistachio GreenyTale

A nutty charmer that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance under green lights.

11 Coconut Carnival

Coconut Carnival

Tropical bliss in a scoop, where coconut reigns supreme in a luscious frozen melody.

12 Mango Madness

Mango Madness

A burst of sunshine with every bite, this mango marvel brings the taste of summer to your cone.

15 Dolce Leche Delight

Dulce De Leche Delight

Sweet caramel heaven, this creamy delight is a caramel lover's dream.

09 Lemon Laughter

Lemon Laughter

Zesty and refreshing, a citrusy burst of joy in every scoop.

13 Strawberry Showstopper
Strawberry Showstopper

Bursting with berry brilliance, this flavor takes center stage.

14 Hazelnut Hilarity
Hazelnut Hilarity

A delightful nutty twist that's anything but ordinary.