Toronto’s Newest Gelato and Coffee Haven!

Welcome to GelaTeoCafe, where every scoop is a masterpiece, and every sip is a celebration!

Picture this: a newly opened and a cozy corner in the heart of Toronto in Danforth Avenue, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee dances with the sweet symphony of homemade gelato, crafted by the co-founder, a gelato master. Yes, you read it right – a GELATO MASTER!

Discover our carefully offerings crafted with love, thoughtfully tailored to elevate your taste and delight your cravings.

GelaTeoCafe is not just a store; it’s a welcoming space where you can take time out to relax in a place like no other and enjoy the good things in life. Whether you’re seeking a sweet escape, a coffee adventure, or a delightful snack, we’ve got you covered.

Dive in today!

Best gelato ice cream shop Gelateocafe Toronto Danforth
Homemade Gelato Delights

Our gelato is not just frozen custard; it's a work of art. Crafted with love, using fresh fruits and quality ingredients, each spoonful takes you on a journey through flavor paradise.

Best coffee gelato ice cream shop Gelateocafe Toronto Danforth
Fresh Blends Coffee for Aficionados

For the coffee enthusiasts, our menu offers a range of expertly blended coffee drinks. From the rich, velvety Italian espresso to the refreshing iced coffee, we cater to every coffee lover's dreams.

Italian pastry Best gelato ice cream shop Gelateocafe Toronto Danforth
Handmade Italian Pastries

Add a sprinkle of joy to your journey with our handcrafted Italian pastries – because there's no time to waste on bland bites! Imagine flaky croissants, decadent tiramisu, and delightful cannoli – pure bliss for your taste buds!

Delicious Sandwich Best Sandwich Pie Italian Gelateocafe Toronto Danforth
Healthy Snacks All Day

When hunger strikes, our quick, healthy snacks are here to satisfy. Enjoy savory sandwiches, crispy croissants, and more. Made daily with fresh ingredients and culinary creativity, our snacks keep you energized throughout the day. Perfect for those on the go.


Our gelato is not just ice cream; it’s a work of art. Crafted with love, using fresh fruits and the finest ingredients to deliver a rich and authentic gelato Italian.

Curious about the frosty face-off between gelato and ice cream? Brace yourself for a chilly revelation – check out our blog article here!

From classic pistachio, vanilla, blueberry, and lemon flavors to unique, seasonal gelato creations imagined by our gelato master, like the refreshing combination of chocolate and mint, strawberry and basil, or black sesame. Each spoonful is a delightful journey through the Italian streets.

In case you were wondering why chocolate gelato got left out earlier, fear not! The “Cioccolato” takes the spotlight as Italy’s superstar flavor. That’s precisely why our gelato master did whip up a whole batch. And brace yourself, it’s not just one chocolate gelato: it’s a chocolate EXTRAVAGANZA flavors!

At GelaTeoCafe our motto is:
Gelato is made today and tomorrow too! 🍨✨

Which Gelato Destiny are you picking today?

Peek at our gelato menu to spark your flavor dilemma:

stick to the classics or embark on a taste adventure that’s more entertaining than a comedy show!

Image2 1
01 Madagascar Vanilla Mania 1

Madagascar Vanilla Mania

Made with real, fair-trade vanilla from Madagascar, straight from the growers. The decadence of this gelato is a tribute to the wonders of nature, leaving you savoring each moment, from the first taste to the final, blissful spoonful. Just a heads-up: It's so insanely delicious, don't be surprised if you find yourself tempted to swallow the spoon too.

05 Torron a la Pistachio The Swagger

Torrone al Pistacchio The Swagger

The Leonardo da Vinci of frozen delights! Creamy swirls of dolce vita happiness meet the crunchy crescendo of pistachio joy. It's not just gelato; it's a sweet symphony that'll make your taste buds sing 'That is Amore Mio!' Join the epicurean fun!

03 Black Sesame Symphony

Black Sesame Symphony

An unexpected flavor harmony, where nuttiness meets sophistication in each spoonful. It's like your taste buds stumbled upon a secret jazz club, and the headlining act is pure bliss. Once you've given your Black Sesame spoon the thorough licking it deserves, don't be shocked if your entire perspective on frozen delights that'll have you questioning why every spoonful can't be a sesame sensation!

Fresh Blends Coffee for Aficionados

Welcome to GelaTeoCafe, we proudly to serve the best fresh-roasted coffee in town, curated from a meticulous selection of the finest coffee beans. Our passion for delivering an exceptional coffee experience is evident in every cup, ensuring you start your day with a burst of flavor and invigorating aroma.

At GelaTeoCafe we believe that the best way to start your day is with a cup of meticulously crafted, freshly roasted in Montreal. From the invigorating aroma to the lingering aftertaste, our coffee selection is designed to elevate your mornings and make every sip a moment to savor.

Explore our premium coffee selection

Italian Espresso

Enjoy the bold and intense flavors of our Italian Espresso, a classic and robust shot that captures the essence of true Italian coffee culture. Savor the rich, velvety texture and let the powerful aroma awaken your senses.

Java Moka Coffee

Embark on a journey to the exotic landscapes of Java with our Moka Coffee. This blend features beans from the renowned coffee regions of Java, creating a distinct profile with a perfect balance of earthy undertones and a hint of cocoa richness.

Colombian Coffee

Experience the renowned excellence of Colombian coffee with our carefully selected beans. Revel in the bright acidity, medium body, and delightful notes of caramel and fruit, as we bring the best of Colombian coffee traditions to your cup.

House Blend Mix Coffee

Our House Blend Mix Coffee is a harmonious symphony of carefully chosen beans, expertly blended to create a balanced and versatile cup. Enjoy the nuances of various origins coming together, resulting in a delightful and well-rounded flavor profile.

Decaf Coffee

For those who crave the taste of exceptional coffee without the caffeine, our Decaf Coffee offers a smooth and satisfying option. Carefully decaffeinated while preserving the full flavor, it's the perfect choice for a mellow yet flavorful coffee experience.

Handmade Italian Pastries
Italian Pastry Cannolli 1

Cannoli wonderland

Our handmade Italian Cannoli are more than pastries; they're edible stand-up acts. Each Cannoli is a crispy, creamy, and laugh-inducing masterpiece. If you find yourself a little bit adventure, enjoy one of our Master creations: Cannoli crafted with amore and filled with Gelato.  At GelaTeoCafe, we're not just serving Cannoli; we're delivering a side-splitting experience that turns dessert into a laugh-out-loud affair. One Cannoli at a time or take them all!

2 Italian Pastry Biscotti 1

Biscotti and Amaretti

Welcome to our crispy chronicles, starring our handmade Italian Biscotti and Amaretti! The Biscotti ballet offers a symphony of crunch and flavor, from vanilla and walnut to pistachio. While the acrobatics of the amaretti take your taste buds on a gentle backflip. Every bite is crafted to deliver a burst of flavor that will leave you speechless, craving for more. No doubt that these cookies will make you laugh and drooling all the way to the cookie jar!

Layered chocolate tiramisu cake with mascarpone cream generated by artificial intelligence


Our famous handmade Italian Tiramisu takes center stage! Crafted with love and a dollop of comedy, each spoonful is a creamy act of Italian dessert drama. The coffee-soaked ladyfingers perform a dance of delight, and the mascarpone maestro orchestrates a sweet symphony. It's a taste spectacle that'll have your taste buds applauding for an encore.

Healthy Snacks All Day

 At any time of day, walk through the door for a culinary adventure at GelaTeoCafe, where our homemade sandwiches, salads, and wholesome meals steal the spotlight. Crafted with love and care, our menu celebrates the freshest seasonal ingredients, ensuring each bite bursts with flavor. The sandwiches are a harmonious symphony of textures, salads showcase a vibrant medley of colors, and the healthy meals offer a nutritious embrace. We believe in transforming each meal into a delightful experience, a moment to savor the goodness of handcrafted dishes made with the finest, freshest ingredients.

Meet flavor in every delectable bite!