Experience Italy at GelaTeoCafe with authentic gelato, coffee, and handmade pastries, no need to travel.


Fifteen years ago, I was lucky enough to train in Italy with Pier Luigi Tozzi, a master Gelato – ice creammaker, who transmitted to me the passion and secret of good Italian gelato.

Nothing makes me happier than using fresh, seasonal, and natural ingredients to create authentic gelato that brings joy to people.

I am thrilled to continue handcrafting gelato and desserts using traditional Italian methods at the new GelaTeoCafe in Danforth Toronto, bringing SMILE to both young and adult food enthusiasts.

I hope GelaTeoCafe wows you with its products and welcoming, colorful ambiance, an authentic taste of Italy … without a passport!

Happy Co-Founder
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The love for coffee and Italy runs in my family, starting with my grandfather TEO.

Growing up, I’ve come to enjoy products that are good, natural, and of high quality.

I’ve cultivated a love for gourmet food and find fulfillment in
sharing new tastes with others.

Coffee is one of them and that I like to share.

By teaming up with Youssef to open GelaTeoCafe, I want to create a destination where both locals and visitors can discover our selection of freshly roasted Italian coffee, whether you choose to enjoy it on-site or to purchase to brew it at home.

Experience our house blend coffee, crafted with love and expertise, along with our unique selections like Colombia, Moka Java, and Italian Expresso.

Yes, we do offer a flavorful decaffeinated fresh brew.

More original coffees to come. It’s worth the wait, so stay tuned.

Happy Co-Founder
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Our Vision

We strive to build and create a sustainable and a welcoming friendly place for our family, friends, and everyone.

A place to enjoy a delightful moment with our gelato cups, fresh coffee, snacks, or artisanal Italian pastries.

Our Mission


We have a deep passion for our products and want to share it with our customers.
We are committed to creating a shop where people can come and enjoy quality tasty products and have a wonderful time.
We innovate, create, and never rest.


We are obsessed with exactly what goes into our gelato.
Whether it’s classic gelato or vegan options, this remains true.


We have bigger ambitions than just being the top gelato in Toronto.
We want to create the best GELATO for all


We are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality sustainable coffee beans to craft a flavorful blend that offers our customers an  unforgettable taste experience

We strive to create an artisanal coffee culture on the Danforth, influenced by Italy’s world-renowned reputation for exceptional coffee


At every level, we work towards co-creating collaborations and build responsible businesses that benefit everyone involved.

Our Values

We are resourceful and tenacious.

We get the job done and do our best to make you smile.

We are
truly genuine.

We are respectful of each other, our employees,  community, friends and our customers… in short, of everyone.


We also want our customers to rave about our products, so we make sure they’re always perfect

We are fully committed.

We don’t compromise on quality, and we work hard to keep our standards high.

We are
happy founders

Happy human beings,  we strive to spread happiness through our products and our smiles.